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WebSite X5 Free 11 is a tool for users who want to create web pages but don't know enough programming to do it. This tool will provide you with a ton of features to use to shape your website. You won't be faced with complex configuration options, but instead will be able to add the features you need while adjusting them to your preferences, tastes, and needs.

One advantage of using this tool is that it lets you structure your website in hierarchical form, giving you visible results in real time as you make changes. Accordingly, WebSite X5 Free 11 is divided into several different fields:

- Project selection: This is the first step, where you'll start deciding how to create your site. You'll have to open up a new project or select one you've already started so you can make changes. Give it a name and you'll be ready to move forward.

- General setup: In this step, you'll need to type in the basic information regarding your platform, such as your company name, web address, a brief description of the site, the language it will be written in, and the icon that will be shown in the navigation bar. Once you've entered all this info, you'll continue completing the three sub-functions included in this step: picking the background, the font style, and how you customize the templates.

- Map creation: Here you can add as many pages as you want to your website. You'll be able to give it a name and a specific configuration, which can be customized for each individual page.

- Page creation: Once you've decided how many links to create you can choose exactly how the website will be structured. You can set what users see in each area and choose the images, text, video, audio, maps, animations, and other elements you want included.

- Advanced setup: This section helps you with the statistics, SEO positioning, notifications, comments, and other options needed to manage a well-functioning platform.

- Export: This last step lets you save your website as an .iwzip file so that you can edit it later or upload it as the page you want users to begin accessing. WIth WebSite X5 Free 11 you'll be able to give shape to your ideas so simply that you'll be surprised at the ease of the process. Create the website of your dreams in five simple steps.
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